Table of contents

Introduction: background, methodology and objectives of the survey

Part 1. General principle of home office and telework

  • General protection for teleworkers / home office and challenges for journalists
  • “I feel like I live at work”: the right to disconnect
  • Compulsory or voluntary?

Part 2. Main findings of the survey

  • Regulatory framework: a split situation
  • A majority of journalists (still) work outside of the newsroom
  • A clear lack of collective agreements at company-level
  • No money for journalists working from home

Part 3. Teleworkers’ protection and trade union organising: the future is hybrid!

  • Reaching out to members digitally: e-mails still the most common tool
  • Telework raises many questions from journalists to their union/association
  • An unclear future for journalists’ organisations

Conclusions & Recommendations


  1. 1.
    Questionnaire sent to member organisations
  2. 2.
    List of responding organisations